A Visit to King Arthur Flour

So I’m driving down I-89 in Vermont on my way back to Maine, not in any particular hurry.
I’m not sure what made me think of it, but all of a sudden I thought about King Arthur Flour. I get their catalog and circle all the baking items I’m sure I can’t live without. I’ve ordered many of them. I read their blog – excellent recipes and baking tips. I use their flours all the time. But I have never been to the King Arthur Store. A quick check on Google maps tells me it’s only 10 minutes out of my way. Best part? I am all alone so there’s no one to get antsy about shopping and make me rush through the experience. I am a total genius to have thought of this.

Before you even walk in the door, there’s plaques telling about the history of King Arthur. Did you know they are America’s oldest flour company, founded in 1790? They started out in Boston but moved to Vermont in 1984. And their headquarters is called Camelot.

Walk through the doors and you are in baker’s heaven. All of your baking dreams can come true.

Specialty sugars, candied citrus peel, pizza crust flavoring, yeasts, cake decorating supplies, baking chocolate, flavored oils and extracts – it’s all here.
And tools! So many spatulas, whisks, bench scrapers, pie plates, bread bowls, wooden spoons, storage containers – things you didn’t even know you needed and suddenly you can’t live without. I bought a gorgeous Vermont maple bread board. I’m using it as incentive to bake bread more often. And ancient grains flour so when I do bake that bread, it will be healthy.
I also picked up some candied orange peel and crystallized ginger bits, for making these brownies, one of my favorite holiday treats. (I also love to make chocolate bark with these ingredients, along with some toasted hazelnuts.)
I got a bottle of boiled cider. I plan to add it to apple pie, apple crisp and use it to make a glaze for apple scones. And a little bottle of lemon oil, to make lemon muffins and cakes just a little more lemony. Clearly a necessity.

There’s a Baking Education Center on the property. I totally need a Baking Education! My dream? Take a 4-day Artisan Baking class. Stay in the lovely next-door town of Hanover NH. Who’s in?

If you are anywhere in the area, take the detour. Visit King Arthur. I plan to, as often as possible.

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  1. Karen,
    This makes even ME want to bake! Now I want to go there.

  2. i would be worried for my wallet! doesn’t sound like you went too crazy. i’ve always wanted to go – they tour though! did you go to the demos at the holiday inn by the bay? free stuff, coupons, etc. a baking vacation sounds fantastic.

  3. KAF truly is heaven – I haven’t seen the new store yet and I’m dying to make the trip up there! You HAVE to take a class someday. So worth it.

  4. genuis indeed, broke too?

  5. I love King Arthur Flour products! I have no chance of ever getting there (I live in Minnesota), so it was fun to read about your visit.

  6. King Arthur Flour is all I use!

  7. The boiled cider is the BEST! I would be in serious trouble if I went there……..

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