African Adventure, Part 1

Wondering where I was when I took all that time off from blogging?
For one thing, I went to Africa.
Monsieur Mignardise (Bob), the Bonus Baby and I took an amazing trip to Zambia and South Africa. Here’s how it went down…

About a year and half ago, Bob and I were at an auction for The Boys & Girls Club of Southern Maine, a very worthy organization. There were loads of silent auction items and some excellent live items. Looking at the program, I said to Bob, “The only thing I really want is the African safari.”
Totally kidding.

Next thing I knew, his hand was waving a bid number and the auctioneer pointed, “Sold!”
We had purchased a 6 night stay at Zulu Nyala Lodge in KwaZulu- Natal, a South African state.
It seemed silly to go all that way and not see more of Africa, so we added on a trip to Zambia where we could see Victoria Falls and a few days in Cape Town.
Two years later, we were finally on our way.

It took 2 1/2 days to get Livingstone, Zambia. With the help of some excellent books, Season 6 of “Weeds”  and lots of Scrabble games on the iPad plus a mild sedative (or two), it was doable.
We were booked into Islands of Siankaba a lodge on the Zambezi River, by a local travel agent. We had no idea what to expect, beyond what we could see on their website. I can’t say enough excellent things about this fantastic place – the people, the service, the setting, the meals – everything exceeded any hopes we had for it.

 Islands of Siankaba is in partnership with the local community, training and employing many of the villagers. It was a delight and a privilege to meet them. Especially impressive is this young man, Malindi, who started a preschool in the village. His enthusiasm and dedication to helping young children learn is infectious. We brought books, paper and pencils to help out. Unfortunately (for us) school wasn’t in session so we didn’t get a chance to meet the kids.

Of course we visited Victoria Falls, the largest in the world. It’s impossible to describe how huge this is. Think Niagara Falls times ten. Many thanks to our guide for furnishing rain gear. We would have been soaked otherwise.

And later that day, we rode elephants.

I went to bed that night thinking to myself, best day ever.

For more of our African adventure, come back to Mignardise tomorrow. But if you’re anxious for a sneak peek, click here for more pictures.

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  1. gosh that was exhilarating! my neighbors have gone a couple of times and are going back this winter, they are taking an air safari going from camp to camp during the mass migration by small planes. i have looked at her pics and know how exciting it all is, and your pics are just as fabulous! all the cheetah pics, and the teeth baring lions, so many FANTASTIC SHOTS~

    not sure if you have a kindle, but i loved reading swahili for the broken hearted, you might enjoy this quirky book about a travel author that went from cape town to cario, by bus only! i thought it was excellent, read several of his books, its just not your average travel book :-)

    • I’ll definitely look for that book. It sounds like something I would love. I also read Daphne Sheldrick’s “Love, Life and Elephants” about a family that saves orphan elephants in Kenya – excellent.

  2. Oh so jealous! I want to see a cheetah in real life!

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