Bluebird Tavern BVT

Tonight I am in Burlington Vermont visiting my oldest daughter. She invited me up to attend her sorority initiation tomorrow because it’s the same sorority I was in. I stopped by the house with her tonight and I am here to tell you nothing has changed in 30 years. Not a thing.

I am also here to tell you about the absolutely delicious dinner we had at Bluebird TavernĀ Bluebird Tavern. We’ve eaten in many great restaurants here in Vermont, but this dinner stands out. I had fresh spaghetti (cooked perfectly) with tiny clams and cured tomatoes and leeks. Lara had ricotta gnocchi in brown butter with walnuts. Both dishes were outstanding!

Now if I could only figure out how to get the photo that’s on my phone onto this blog (being written on an IPad) without a cord, you could enjoy it too. If you’re following me on Instagram, as kwatterson, you can see it there.

‘Till tomorrow, my friends – enjoy your weekend.

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