End of Season Farmers’ Market

It was a perfect day for the last outdoor Farmers’ Market of the season. Sparkling sunshine, not too cold, people shopping madly (but not yet stressed out) for Thanksgiving.


I want a kale and quinoa salad for dinner.

Did you see the delicata squash? We could stuff them.

We still have loads of roots left so we’ll do the indoor market for a few weeks.

Yes, that’s a watermelon radish.

See you in the spring!

I picked up two large stalks of Brussels sprouts for Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Maple, a fan favorite at my Thanksgiving dinner.

cranberries for Cranberry Salsa

and ornamental kale for decoration.

Have you ever seen/heard of a caraflex cabbage? They’re pointed! I was told they’re sometimes used for sauerkraut.

Or a deadon cabbage? So pretty.

The delicata squash are lovely…

but I like the ugly gourds, warts and all.

Love cauliflower – excellent cauliflower recipe coming soon!

Speaking of flowers…

How are your Thanksgiving plans coming?
I’ll be sharing more of mine tomorrow.

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  1. Where is this cute market?! So many fantastic finds. I’ve never bought a Brussels sprout stalk before. I’m terribly jealous now and sort of want to string lights and cranberries on it instead of a tree 😉

  2. you are making me want to shop… i want those jeweled carrots, so gorgeous…

    ps, remove your horrid verification, i have to try so many times its hard on old eyes!

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