Sandwiches in Somerville

Today I had the good fortune to spend time with my son who goes to college in the Boston area. It was a quick trip and we had a quick lunch at Dave’s Fresh Pasta in Somerville. I’d heard good things about this little spot that makes fresh pasta daily. What I hadn’t heard about was their huge selection of sandwiches. Good thing Jack knew all about it.
He ordered a classic Cubano which he thought was excellent.

I can’t vouch for it though. I was too busy with my grilled portabello and mozzarella with arugula and lemon artichoke pesto on ciabatta. It was delicious and huge. The second half was wrapped up to go.

Of course I couldn’t leave without pasta.

It was a tough decision. Roasted root vegetable ravioli was calling my name, but I had to go with something that would be more popular with the family back home. I chose a box of swiss chard and roasted garlic ravioli along with a box of proscuitto and provolone tortellini. Jack thought it would be a good idea to put that one in the freezer and make it when he comes home.
Dave’s also has a great selection of cheeses and sauces.

Now that I know how close Dave’s is to campus, I can see making a return visit. Hey Jack – good idea!
Love, Mom
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  1. I love Dave’s pasta! And better yet, it’s in Davis Square, which is filled with yummy spots, like Johnny D’s (the best sweet potato fries and jazz brunch), J.P. Licks (yummy spicy chocolate ice cream) and Red Bones (fantastic BBQ). Not to mention the offices of Candlewick Press, my favorite children’s book publishers (confession: my sister works there)!

    • Molly, Davis Square does seem pretty great. We walked right past Johnny D’s – I’ll keep it on mind for next time ’cause I LOVE sweet potato fries. We have a lot of Candlewick books at RRB. Must be a fun place to work.
      I’m so enjoying your blog!

  2. Too funny! I used to live just one little block from Dave’s and had a serious problem with post work purchases of wine, sorbet, and pasta. I also work about a mile away from Davis square. Next time you’re in the neighborhood let me know! We can meet up for a bite :)

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