Tea, a Drink with Jam and Bread

We’re talking tea today.
Because tea is awesome. Hungry and trying not to snack? Have a cup of tea.
Sore throat and achy all over? Tea.
Feeling a little blue? Chilled from walking in the cold November air? Sharing a story with a friend?
Tea, tea and tea is the answer.

Let me be clear. Tea is no substitute for my morning coffee. That is a sacred thing.
Tea is for later in the day. When I need something warm and soothing to accompany me through the afternoon, there’s nothing like a having a hot mug of tea in my hand.
There are so many different kinds of tea but I’ve settled on a couple that are my favorites…

Celestial Seasonings Honey Lemon Ginseng Green tea with white tea added for a smoother taste.
Tulsi Tea Red Chai Masala, which is an African red tea with classic, warm chai spices. A little spicy, very warm.
Numi Decaf Ginger Lemon. Very gentle flavor, but not at all dull.
The Republic of Tea Get Lost herb tea. This is supposedly for “weight control” (which is what attracted me to it at first, of course) but I love the taste. It’s another red African rooibos tea with plenty of orange and cinnamon notes. Could be my favorite.

Sometimes a cup of tea needs a little snack to go with it. I’m not talking about the whole British tea time thing, just a bite or two (like, say, a mignardise). Crusty toast with a little jam works just fine, or a molasses cookie. Ok, chocolate chip if you insist.

What kind of tea do you like?

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  1. AGH, i am trying not to eat carbs during the workday (to help my energy), and your post just made me think of the east end cupcakes chocolate chip cookie i have in my drawer! noooooo. just tea then. :)

    • Kate, I try to drink the whole cup of tea first and then see if I really want the treat too. Usually by the time I finish the cup, I don’t need anything else. However if I had something from East End Cupcakes, that would definitely be harder.

  2. Ah, my favorite is Dragon Oolong by The Republic of Tea. It has the most well-rounded flavor. I like tea in the afternoon, coffee in the morning.

  3. Well over 90 degrees here today so the only tea i’ll be enjoying is ICED. But lovely blog anyhow.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well I tried to like tea from me teens through my early 30s and I just couldn’t. So imagine my surprise when I went to the Mohonk House and had tea one afternoon and loved it. Turns out I am a tea with lemon (and a bit of sugar) kind of gal, not milk. I don’t drink it often, but will usually choose Good Earth’s decaf tea or Twinings Irish Breakfast.

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