Game Day Dips and Chips

Sunday is a big day.
It’s the New England Patriots versus Downton Abbey. There’s a great tug-of-war going on in many households and lots of hoping and praying.
That the Patriots will have put away the Baltimore Ravens before 9 pm when Downton Abbey airs on PBS.
I’m wondering how many people are ardent fans of both dramas. I am!
I adore the British drama, with its glamourous costumes, posh accents and amusing class structure.
But I am also a huge fan of our beloved Patriots. Tom (don’t hate me because I’m beautiful) Brady, Wes Welker, Vince Wilfork and my new hero, Stevan Ridley, all provide their own drama every season.

All hail the DVR, the best invention. Ever.

So whether you are parked in front of the tv for four hours of tackles and tight ends or one hour of stiff upper lips, you’re going to want a snack. I’ve recently been going through ALL my old blog posts in effort to craft a real recipe index (coming soon!). I’ve rediscovered a lot of dips/appetizers that you might enjoy while viewing. Click on the highlights to take you to the original post.

Let’s start with the classic – guacamole. I am known for my guacamole. In fact, I even had two college boys men ask me for a guacamole tutorial. Now it’s their party trick.

This roasted red pepper dip is another popular dip because it’s so full of flavor. Love it.

If you’re trying to stick to those New Year’s resolutions to eat more healthfully, you can’t go wrong with hummus. Making your own means you can control the amount of oil. You can also add anything you like to it – lemon, jalapeƱos, cilantro, loads of garlic, basil. It’s an excellent blank palette.

Want to try something out of the ordinary? This Hot Pepper Jelly Cheesecake is awesome. People will be saying “What is that flavor?” and you can be all smug and secretive while they beg for the recipe. Just say you got it on Mignardise. Thanks.

One more, just ’cause I LOVE this – Cranberry Salsa. So delicious, it’s crazy.

Whatever you choose to watch, whatever you choose to eat, enjoy your Sunday.
And keep your eyes open for the new and improved Mignardise, coming very soon!

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